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Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine?

 by: Dr. Tara Barker

Naturopathic medicine is a system and philosophy of medicine that has been around for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Before the advent of ‘conventional’ medicine, which uses a wide variety of drugs and surgical procedures, almost every doctor learned how to use herbs, minerals, homeopathy, and other natural methods to treat disease.

Since the early 1900’s and with the discovery of antibiotics, usage and public knowledge of naturopathic medicine has declined. This was most likely due to the ‘quick fix’ nature of many of the new drugs developed and increased safety of surgical procedures. Diseases such as influenza and measles, which today are generally nuisances and easily treated in most people, were very scary and sometimes life threatening in these earlier times. The plague literally plagued people. Today we are blessed with better opportunities for proper nutrition, hygiene, and information about these diseases, all of which lessen the threat of many of the more common diseases becoming life threatening. The attraction that people had towards conventional medicine was and is understandable.

Treatments that decrease symptoms of a disease are often well received by patients who are dealing with a troublesome condition. Most advances in technology are viewed as progress and people want the best, especially where their health or that of their loved ones is concerned. The problem that came with this flux towards conventional medicine was that it was new and no one knew what the side effects or long-term effects of using synthetic drugs would be. Also, most people abandoned the more natural methods of health care and stopped caring for themselves in a way that would keep them strong and vital. Instead they began using pills and surgery as ‘fixes’ when things went wrong. They began to eat more processed foods that have fewer vitamins and minerals. Our environment became more polluted. Most doctors know little about nutrition, how or what to eat, or what to do with people affected by the environment. As well, the more scientific medicine gets, the less people understand it. This leads to people feeling ignorant about health matters and leaving all the power in their doctor’s hands.

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Natural Health Basics
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Are you interested in alternative medicine and natural health, but don't know where to start?  Are you confused by the differences that you seem to note between different alternative approaches?  Are you looking for a kick-off point, from which you can see things a bit more clearly and from which you can start making some informed decisions?  Are you just checking things out to see what natural health is and how it could fit somehow in your life?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you! 

In Natural Health Basics we explore some of the ways to incorporate natural health techniques into daily life. We cover a wide array of topics, including herbology, aromatherapy, homeopathy, natural beauty techniques, alternative diagnoses, and much more! You'll learn about differences in alternative therapies, as well as some simple ways to incorporate naturally healthy techniques into your lives immediately! Why take this course when there are so many others you could take?  Well, for beginners, you might have to take several classes to learn about each of the things that is offered in this one.  This class is broad enough to touch many things, while still giving you some quality information about each topic covered.  In essence, this is a great springboard class that can give you enough of the basics of alternative medicine and natural health to really enjoy and get a lot out of other courses offered here.  Also, I have spent the last two years in online education and am very comfortable and knowledgeable about what makes for a successful online learning experience.  Your success is my success!

Come join us for a journey into natural health -- you certainly won't be sorry!  Additionally, students who successfully complete all the lessons of this course will be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation...automatically!  Students who perform exceptionally in class may also receive a Certificate of Academic Excellence.       *Course references: The Complete Guide to Natural Healing, International Masters Publishers Family Guide to Natural Medicine, Readers Digest Association, Inc. Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal, Readers Digest Association, Inc. Instructor Ryan Harrison

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